The Cranky, Yet Zen-Like–What? It Can Happen–New Yorker Is Post-Tastic Again

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Post-Tastic 1-9-13
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So far (and it ain’t far), I’ve enjoyed blogging and receiving feedback, with sometimes unexpected consequences like great tips for treating the common cold, or a chance to just puke up (writing wise) a topic that upsets me and many, many others.

So, comment, grouse at me, smile and say something nice, or encouraging, or inspirational (if you’re one of those strange people who do that frequently and actually enjoy it) or just say, “Hey!”

Looking forward to greeting and grousing with you all. Come smooze, as we say in the city, NYC.

Cheers and beers and even tears are OK,
Alexa deMonterice
(aka The Cranky New Yorker)

  1. Ray Dangel says:

    Saying please as often as I can is something I cranked up last year, and in the process have learned something about language. When I grew up (a LONG time ago), someone who said please and thank you was usually rewarded by hearing “You’re welcome.” Not so nowadays with our young folks. They respond with “No problem.” This may vary state by statye, but I suspect not. Anyone else notice this?

  2. Timmer says:

    It’s certainly a tough old challenge. I’ve certainly found it tough over the last week, but I read somewhere that it’s a fab idea to have a few posts in reserve that you can upload should you not get time to write a post for a particular day.

    • alexadem says:

      that’s such a smart idea I’m smacking myself in the head! Thanks for the tip. I’ve always been a last minute, rush-to-finish kind of person – which is not working so well for me these days considering how many hats I’m wearing. (I also write fiction & have a full-time copy edting job.)

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