Depending where you know me from, I’m Alexa deMonterice, Red Demon, Alexa666, mystery novel reviewer, a twit, er, tweeter, just tryin’ to LinkIn
or simply, Red.

I have a love/hate relationship with New York City – I complain about living here all the time. Yet, I’m still here – year after year, after year. So, that must tip toward the love end of the spectrum.

I’ve published some nonfiction articles in the past. But this nonfiction blog is an attempt to keep myself sane and out of jail by venting. Plus, others have told me I have some interesting real life stories to tell – of course, some of those people were really drunk at the time, but I respect their opinions nonetheless.

In the fiction world, I’ve published numerous short fiction stories in the science fiction, horror, thriller and erotic horror genres. Those writings help me get out my anger and frustration so I don’t go postal. (So much fun to kill off an ex-boyfriend in some hideous fashion without getting blood under your fingernails.)

So, hop on board my personal subway car as I take you to places you may or may not have been.

  1. fashionzing says:

    As a fellow blogger I respect others opinions and thoughts. I feel as if a part of me understands how it can be totally annoying being harrassed by people such as the homeless ones mentioned in the blog. I feel though, that we need to demonstrate through love and understanding and not through ignorance which gives us an opportunity to break the chains. You have to realize that people have mistreated them too which is where the pattern started from and now the homeless just come to expect the mistreatment.

    • alexadem says:

      Thanks for commenting. Yes it really is such a sad situation that this is what our country, and many other countries as well, has come to. No one should be living on the streets and forced to beg. I wish I knew of a solution.

  2. Myra says:

    I’ve never given this blog stuff much attention, but after reading your account of being face-to-face with the homeless man, well, you touched me. I like your posts! So, you’ve got a regular reader here..a 40ish, midwestern woman who is still an idealist.

  3. mindslam says:

    Pretty cool blog you have here…I just subscribed to it!

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